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To write this I had to take a deep look at myself, I had to look at all my wrongs and all my rights. I had to be reminded of my past, had to look at my strength through the storm, I had to think about how I never stopped having faith that God would make a way for me.


My name is Jasmin W., when I look back on my life; I am amazed that I am still standing. From the days I wanted to give up, to my insecurities, to my inner demons that I let control me; I’m astonished at my complete turn around. I am far from perfect but I am proof that God CAN and WILL make a way if you just believe.


Jaszy is a walking testimony; she is an example and is proof that through God all things are possible. She is confident, she does not settle for less than she deserves. She is a role model, a mentor, and a leader. Jaszy gets knocked down just like everyone else but she always rises back up. It took a while, but Jaszy realized she is THE BRAND.

THE BRAND strives to spread love, motivation, inspiration and positivity. 

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